Curriculum Vitae Video – good or bad idea?


The traditionalists would probably balk at the very idea of a curriculum vita in video. “Sacrilegious…incredulous”, they would say in their thick accents with stiff upper lips. But as one-time rebel and very recent Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan, once sang “The times…they are a-changing…”Young man with resume

So, are video CVs a good thing or a bad thing? Depending on your perspective you could find pros and cons. We thought we would put it all down in an easy manner for your reading pleasure.

Protect Your Video CV

Like any digital asset, your video CV, too, needs to be protected from malicious hackers. Security services such as Holm Security can provide the right kind of protection that will fortify your professional image online. You would not want anyone interfering with your pitch for a job.

When Video CVs Are A Good Bet

It would be criminal to outright reject a video CV and opt only for a written version. We have listed some occasions where the former may just clinch the deal for you.

  • Your first job

Fresh graduates looking to take their first step in their professional lives may be better off with a video CV. They can use the digital platform to create a compelling reason why they may be a good fit for the job.

  • If your industry demands it

People who work in sales, corporate communications or the media will certainly benefit from a video CV. It will highlight their strengths, their personality and communication skills.

When To Avoid A Video CV

Just because everyone around you has a video CV doesn’t mean you need to blindly jump on the bandwagon. Here’s when you can skip it:

  • If your profile does not demand it

Not every job opportunity in the world requires a video CV. For instance, if you are applying for a position in finance, you may be better off with a traditional CV that highlights your professional accomplishments.

  • If you are uncomfortable with it

Not every personality is suited for a video CV. The quieter, shyer kinds will find that the written CV works best for them.

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