Video diaries

Video diaries

Blogging became a big thing in the beginning of the 2000s. First, you could create your own primitive websites. It was very easy, and simple tools helped you put your photos and texts on the web. Then came the social media, and the need of having a personal website disappeared. Some professionals still keep them though, use them in order to show off their portfolio and offer their services. Then you have the remaining bloggers, some of whom have grown a lot and now have millions of loyal followers. The bloggers use both Facebook, Instagram and their own websites in order to show off their thoughts and photos. Hence, they use all available tools to keep their virtual diaries.

New type of websites — video blog AKA vlog with old-fashion TV set.

Vlogging – the next big thing?

Speaking of diaries, we cannot help but mention the growing trend of vlogging. Vlogging is short for video blogging, so basically keeping a video diary which you either keep to yourself or post online. Vloggers are growing in numbers, in with the outspread of popular video blogging software this industry will only grow in numbers. A wise man said no long ago; “the world will divide into two within the next coming generation – those who live, and those who watch those who live”. Might be a bit pessimistic, but there is still a lot of truth to it. When people are stuck in their office, they like to spend the lunch hour looking at an interesting video blog from some tropical island, or from the peak of Mount Everest. This trend will continue, and TVs will probably be switched out with big tablets, where your favourite vloggers and other interesting websites roll along all day.

Money to make also in vlogging

Some of these video bloggers have millions of followers, and are making huge stacks of money off both the banners they offer and the products they promote in their videos. The richest bloggers out there make about ten million dollars per year, working from their laptop or mobile phone. If you are thinking about doing the same, now is the right time. The industry is set to grow in the coming years, and as long as you keep your vlogs fun or go straight for a certain target group, you could be one of the millionaire bloggers in the future.

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