Using Wallpaper in Video Projects

There are multiple departments that work together on a film project to make it successful. One of these is the set designer. Their job is to make the in-film world seem as real as possible.

For interior locations, wallpaper may be utilised. The designer could

order this from Family Wallpapers. The site has a great selection to choose from.

Recreating a Typical Home

Plenty of films and TV shows take place within a typical home environment. The designer needs to consider the purpose of the piece before they pick a wallpaper. For example, if the scene is depicting an idyllic family living room, then is the ideal site to order from. The time period of the story will play a role, and William Morris style patterns are useful for avoiding anachronisms.

Hiding Messages in The D├ęcor

It is common for video projects to communicate messages visually in a subtle way. This is known as subtext and can be found in many examples of popular media. The set could utilise wallpaper for this purpose. If done effectively, it can help the film win an Academy Award and acclaim from critics. It should be remembered that the director is the driving creative force behind the shoot. The set department has to collaborate with them to perfect the subtext.

Sets for Child Media

Many set designers choose to work on children’s television because they are in such high demand. For these video projects, there is more freedom in terms of colour choices. It is a good idea to check out the kid’s bedroom section of the Family Wallpapers site. It has several prints that would be ideal for these types of sets.

Affordable Wallpapers

The budget for a shoot can vary wildly. Some have millions of pounds to spend. Others are shot on a shoestring. Regardless of the financial situation of the project, Family Wallpapers is the best site to go with. The products it supplies are of a high quality whilst still being affordable. Furthermore, set designers can take advantage of online sales when they occur to save even more money.

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