Making Plants Look Great on Video

Ensuring that anything looks great on camera is never an easy task, with plants being a challenging part of this. While some tricks and tools are available, you can’t just put some makeup on a plant and a fancy dress to make it look amazing. But fear not, as this guide will tell you some of the ways you can make sure your plants are always looking their best on video.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any video shoot. Poor lighting in a shot will ruin any scene, often causing focal points of a video to be thoroughly washed out if the light is too bright or fading to obscurity if it’s too dark. Plants, alongside their human actors, require adequate lighting to look as good as they can. Consider the colors within the plants when choosing the lighting arrangements, alongside the position of the plants and where they are in relation to the main subjects of the shot. If the plants are mainly in the background, you may not need to worry so much, but if they are close to the main subjects, then effective lighting will be required to prevent them from looking unhealthy or distracting.

Taking Care of Plants

It can be forgotten how important it is to effectively take care of a plant, especially when it comes to orchid watering and remembering that it has to be done. Orchid watering is one way of helping your plant to look in top condition, preventing it from wilting away and looking as though it’s dying. Apps such as Planta can assist you in staying on top of orchid watering, along with informing you of what other care your plants may need. When taking care of a plant, you should remember it’s a living thing, so giving it the sunlight it needs and keeping it in the right conditions will be necessary for maintaining optimum health.


Nature is beautiful, with plants being no exception. Many varieties of gorgeous and fascinating plants exist, and they can be relatively easy to come across. No wonder then that plants are often featured in videos across the world, highlighting the wonders of nature and making fabulous additions to various scenes in a film. However, what we see with our eyes doesn’t always come across perfectly on camera, which is where editing comes into the mix. Factors such as weather conditions, how the plant has been cared for, and how it was positioned in accordance with lighting can impact how your plant looks on film. If plants in your scene don’t look as vibrant and bright as you’d like, editing software can allow you to alter this, so they stand out in the right way. Editing can also be used to maximize how green a plant looks, for instance, and could even be used to remove any unwelcome plants from the shot altogether (or alternatively add them in). While the correct setup on the day of filming is crucial, all doesn’t have to be lost if things don’t go to plan, as editing can fix a multitude of mistakes and polish up the footage.

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