Music Videos and E-Mobility

When a musical artist wants to promote their new song or album they will typically do so by creating a music video. They can hire a production company for this purpose. There will likely need to be some level of transportation involved. For example, the actors, crew and equipment will have to get to the set. Some video firms might be tempted to stick with fossil fuel vehicles. However, the price of petroleum is now prohibitively expensive.

It is wiser to make the switch to electricity. The company could utilise the e-mobility services from SHIFT so that the transition is as easy as possible. SHIFT is a popular Nordic based business which helps novices with their aftersales logistics. It can be difficult for people to understand the ins and outs of e-vehicles at first. Training may eat into valuable music video production time. Therefore, getting expert advice is very important.

Environmental Ethics

Electric vehicles will appeal to people who are worried about the impact that they have on the environment. Sometimes the musical artist will create a video single which is released commercially. If it is in the form of hardcopy then a lot of plastic will be used. It is sometimes possible to off-set this by reducing carbon footprints in other ways. This will include developing an e-mobility focused plan for transportation. When the single is ready to be shipped out in the form of a DVD the delivery vans could run on electricity.

Being ethical is not just beneficial to the environment. It will also help to score PR points with the general public. If people see that the music video production company utilises e-mobility it could increase the number of potential clients. Therefore, switching to electricity is ideal for firms that want to future proof themselves.

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