Videos in social media

Videos in social media

The video industry is a huge one. And we are not only talking about movies, like blockbusters and documentaries. No, we are talking about videos as a marketing tool. A tool that will serve you miraculously, if used properly. The internet industry is moving forward, and the .com-bubble people were talking about in the 90s was all a fraud. There is no way back, internet will continue to grow and consumers will continue purchasing steadily more and more products online, rather than going to the shop. Even whole services are appearing that takes even more trouble out of your life, and these are all being warmly embraced by the public.

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Online services – the future and the only way?

According to Cisco, video will account for almost seventy percent of all consumer traffic in the next years, and the video-on-demand sector has doubled its turnover in the matter of months. Video is going to dominate the future marketing industry, and the signs are all over the place. Just look at social media, and how many videos there are in any news feed. Some of the them are user created, but most are just viral videos, all containing a message. Marketing message. To buy a certain product or use a service. These videos reach out to millions of users across the globe. Just look at Facebook – they have more than one billion users. If your video could reach out to just one percent of them, that is ten million potential customers. That is why video production companies have expanded wildly when it comes to popularity and production. Everyone needs videos, and the more catchy, the better. Viral videos are flooding the net, and the competition is growing. In the future, though, this will be the only way to really reach the consumers. People are keeping their TVs turned off, as there is no real need to watch TV any more. Everything happens online.

Target your market and your customer directly

When choosing what kind of video you should put out there on the web, make sure you know which target group you would like to reach. Show how to cook delicious cookies, if you want some of the millions of housewives to follow you. If you are in the gaming business, you need to show people what they could experience by playing your games. What they could win, maybe?

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