Video – power of visual media

Video – power of visual media

Video is probably the biggest thing since the telephone. There is nothing that compares to video when it comes to bringing a message out. The visual message is by far better than any of the other senses. You should have seen the spectators of the very first movie theatre. The movie was simple, and short – a train moving towards the screen. Within seconds, most of the room was empty. People could not believe that moving pictures were not real. Now, fast forward just thirty years, and you have commercials all over the place. Every TV owner knew the commercials by heart, and the messages really stuck. This is exactly how Coca Cola and other powerful brands came to be. They managed to properly penetrate the minds of the first TV viewers, and made the message stick for generations. Video is a very powerful media, and the mainstream news are a perfect example. They give you all the answers, but do not give the question. In the end, you raise the question yourself, and that is exactly the plan.

Back view of a young man watching a big TV panel

A powerful tool used in many aspects

Also is other aspects of life, video is a powerful tool for work. Designers are very sought after in this century, as video and web design is in constant growth. Also 3D design is a growing industry, and those out there who learned early how to manipulate 3D renders are now in high-paid positions with top firms across the globe.

It comes in all shapes and sizes

Visual media could be anything from a blockbuster movie to a tiny GIF-file somewhere you see on the net. International corporations pay huge amounts of money for producers to include certain items in their movies. Smaller companies rely on catchy, so-called viral videos that would spread like fire spreads through dry hay. Using a small budget, viral videos could reach millions of people within a tiny time frame. Now is the time of internet and videos, and it will remain like this in the foreseeable future. Now that Virtual Reality is becoming a norm, and VR-headsets are being sold in thousands, the power of video design will become even bigger and more real. It will reach out to every point of our planet and dominate the marketing industry for centuries to come.

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