Working with visual media


If you’re interested in video, design, art and visual communication, you might look into making your passion into a career. There are a wide variety of jobs available within the visual communication sector. To maximize your potential you’ll do well to get a suitable degree within the field.

Go big or go home?

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When studying visual communication you will learn how to use visual aids such as art, images and words to connect with people and send a message. When starting out, this can mean taking courses in basic techniques such as painting and drawing, and you will need to learn how to use a computer to make the most of your visual presentations.

All of these skills will of course be taught as part of a degree in visual communication, but you could do yourself a huge favour and get a head start by taking suitable courses in advance. There are courses both online and at physical campuses, and you can start by looking at, for example,

The sky is the limit

You’re also going to have to figure out exactly which route you wish to take within the visual communication field, and here there are a myriad of different options. It’s important that you choose based on interest and passion, but try to think about what your existing skills are, as well, so that you can make the road a little bit easier for yourself. Depending on whether you choose design, graphic design or visual arts, you’ll have several options after you’ve finished your degree.

For those of you interested in design, you can go in a lot of different directions, such as graphic design, game design or development, interactive media design etc. If you are really talented, you might even be able to make it on your own as a commercial artist, and here you’ll also have uncountable options – only your imagination will hold you back. If you’d rather go more corporate, you can look at, for example, positions as an art director, where you’ll be given the responsibility for the corporate identity of the company you work for.

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