The Best Lighting for Shooting Videos

There are several aspects of video production that are crucial to making the final product look professional. One of these critical departments is lighting. It will determine the tone and overall aesthetic. One of the first things a lighting manager should do is purchase the right equipment for the shoot. This does not have to be expensive if they opt for non-industry standard lamps. These can be purchased from Royal Design. The site offers a variety of affordable lights to suit practically any video production.

Three-Point Lighting

If the video is to look as professional as possible, then three-point lighting should be utilised. It is a system that requires three sources of light. Each one can be bought from Royal Design. The first is the key light which illuminates the subject from their front. It should have high brightness. A good quality ceiling lamp will suffice. The next is the backlight which is positioned behind the subject. A floor lamp would be ideal for this purpose. Finally, the fill light hits the subject from their side. This can be achieved with a wall lamp.

As well as the lighting, Royal Design can also provide high-quality furniture for the production. This may include a sofa, shoe rack, chair or cabinet. It is possible to use their site to fulfil all aspects of the mise-en-scène. This is an industry term that basically means “anything you see on the screen”.

Will the Source of Lighting Be Seen On-Screen?

This is a fundamental question to ask as it will directly affect which lamps can be purchased. If the answer is no, then the production team will have much more freedom in their choice of lighting. However, if the lamp is to be shot, then it should conform to the overall style of the production. For example, if the set has a modernist theme, then so should the lamp. If it is a period piece, then the crew will need to hunt down a light that does not look anachronistic.

Making the Most of the Production Budget

All video productions are somewhat restricted by the amount of money they have in their budget. The lighting team should not overspend. If they purchase their lamps and other products from Royal Design, then they will have great looking items that are reasonably priced. The money saved can then be spent on different departmental needs so that the finished product looks as professional as possible.

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