Guide to Looking Your Best on Video

Anyone who’s well versed in videography knows that the camera can truly pick up everything, even the most miniature of flaws and imperfections. A lot of changes can be made during the editing process, but capturing the best possible footage still remains crucial. If you’re going to be appearing on video, here is a simple guide for some ways that will help you ensure you’re looking your very best.


When shooting video footage, lighting and outfits and even the angle of the camera can play a role in how you appear on screen. Bright lighting can often result in subjects appearing washed out, which is why makeup is almost always used on the set of a video shoot – with even the most masculine of men being required to go to the makeup room for a little making up. Choosing the right makeup for your skin tone is key, whilst also considering what the lighting will be like and how that will impact your features on film. You don’t have to go over the top with makeup, as a little foundation, powder and some blush can go a long way in preventing you looking ghostly when the camera is rolling.

Body Confidence

Issues with body confidence can impact upon your external appearance too, as if you’re feeling insecure and uncomfortable it’s likely others will be able to notice that in your stature and general personality. When the camera is rolling, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can put on your best show. Working on your body confidence will help you to feel more at ease and in control of yourself when you’re in front of the video camera, with mindfulness techniques being one way you can bring yourself a confidence boost. Some also consider breast augmentation with quality implants from to help them achieve their ideal body, which can greatly help with body confidence and allow you to look your best on camera too.


Choosing the most appropriate outfit can do wonders for helping you look amazing on camera. Choose an outfit that is appropriate for what’s being filmed, and is flattering for you and your figure too. When selecting your on-camera wardrobe, it should also be consider what colours will compliment your skin-tone the most and stand out on camera without blending in to the surroundings.

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