Making a video

There are likely to be many reasons you would decide to create a video, but it is usually used as a promotional tool. For example, you may decide to make a video if you want to promote some new music, a product or service, or you want to present something to your team in work. Videos are a great way to advertise something as can often be captivating and creative.

The growth of video

Thanks to social media, creating videos has become an everyday thing to do, particularly for the younger generation. Instagram reels, Facebook stories, and TikTok means every time you open the internet, chances are you will come across a homemade video promoting something or created just for fun.

The rapid rise of social media videos means that more people are becoming experts in creating, editing, and uploading their content – competition for views, likes, and shares can be very high.

Dressing the scene

Creating a video means bringing an idea to life. You may already have the image of how you want it to look which means dressing the scene to suit. If you have furniture, such as sofas and armchairs you might benefit from beautiful Ikea Karlstad couch covers which come in a range of colors. The Ikea Karlstad couch covers can easily be changed so you can swap for another color really quickly. Your set design changes can happen with no fuss.

Showing the video

Making a video isn’t easy and there are several steps to follow. Once you have got your final product you might want to consider a showing to get some feedback before you release it. That way you can iron out any issues in advance of the ‘official’ screening.

You might want to make your audience comfortable by offering soft seating areas, To keep those areas fresh and clean you can use removable and washable Ikea Karlstad couch covers. Make sure you offer refreshments such as a choice of drinks and snacks to really make the guests feel welcome.

Final presentation

Make sure your video is polished before you finally present it, or release it to the public. Learn from others’ mistakes. For instance, make sure you check the background – many people have been caught out by this before. if you are shooting the video in your own home then ensure there is nothing personal or private in the background you wouldn’t want the world (or just your co-workers) to see.

Ensure continuity if the video has been shot over several days or in several locations. This means if there are people in the video make sure the clothing is the same throughout unless it is clear there should be a change in what is worn. Also, if the collar is up in one shot but down in another, this will be glaringly obvious to the viewer.

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